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Help! I’m in love with an alien! by Jessica E Subject
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I loved the whole alien aspect to it and she has a way of making them real! Oh my gosh, I forgot about that movie. Rented it back when it first released on video. So much fun! Okay, now I have to find that movie and buy it. I love aliens, my favorite is Mork from Ork. Robin Williams he is so adorable.

I also loved E. Ray Walston also was a fun alien. So Laurell and Jana already picked both of mine :.

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Annie Nicholas. Look at her. One-night stand. But this complicated my life even more. Congrats to DC Stone on her new release! Can a high seas attraction on a once-in-a-lifetime trip lead to permanent love on land?

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Ladies, what was your first reaction when you learned your date was an alien? Carrie: You were shocked? Carrie: [nodding] He knew what I longed for from the moment we met. The sex is out of this world.

Jessica E. Subject

Ava: Yes, explosive. Sharing is caring Print Email. Like this: Like Loading Author: emilycale Erotic romance writer. Runs on caffeine and wine. When they get together, they find out there is more between them then they thought. This was such a great short. I really liked Frey and Carrie. When Frey and Carrie have their first sex scene, I actually laughed a bit because Frey was just adorable.

For a guy, human or not, he was clueless about some things, but he learned quickly.

Boy did he. Carrie was so freaked out and nervous about everything, her reaction to when she first saw the real Frey was much better than I thought. I honestly thought she was fragile and that would have been too much for her, but she took it better than most in her state would have. I recommend this story to anyone looking for a read that is both sweet and sexy all at once. This may be part sci-fi, but the characters were believable. This may be apart of the 1NightStand series, but can be read as a stand alone in case you saw 20th book in the series and freaked.

Like I said, this is short, but it was an easy and hot read. Absolutely worth checking out. I can't wait for more from my good friend Jessica Subject, make sure you all remember the name. View 2 comments. Celestial Seduction was a super quick read that I got through in about an hour. Jessica did a good job of giving decent back story that was pertinent without prolonging the story line. With a story this short I found it a bit hard to invest in the characters emotions so I read it completely on a superficial level. Having said that I did find it well wrote and easy to read. The writing was fluid and constant.

I found no lagging parts, not that it was long enough for that. The story is the extremely Celestial Seduction was a super quick read that I got through in about an hour. The story is the extremely quick relationship between Carrie and Frey. Having met through a dating service set up for one night stands.

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I dunno. Even with a ton of research into each person, still seems kind of skeevy. Carrie is nervous, understandably, because her last sexy encounter involved her husband. Frey is an alien. An alien. Now I like to think I have an open mind but this gives a whole other dimension to interracial dating. No questions? That was odd to me. Sweet, now do me with your noduled penis! Other then that issue I found the novella fun.

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The sex is well wrote and I found it engaging. The ending is neatly given to the reader with a bow on top. Completely predictable but with a novella it generally is. Sci Fi, quirky, fun and sexy, Celestial Seduction is a novella you need to read. May 18, Romancing the Book rated it really liked it Shelves: erotica , romance. This cute story gives you the reader hope in love that transcends differences. Frey an alien working on earth finds that he wants more than what his planet of Ginnun can give him.

He signs up with a dating service hoping to find the perfect mate to spend the rest of his life with. After a divorce Carrie is left with no confidence and no faith in men.

An Alien to Love: Five Hot 1Night Stand Stories

The match between Carrie and Frey ends up being magical. He rocks her world. In such a short story Ms. Subject brings the characters to life so much so that you find yourself feeling for them as if they were friends. Rooting for them to make things work. Subject shows both strong emotions and the vulnerabilities in both Frey and Carrie. The story is believable and well written. The sex scenes are sexy and sweet.

Favorite Quote: Carrie to Tamara when asked about her one night stand…. Jul 28, Monique rated it liked it.

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Frey has refused to return to his home planet. He has decided that he wants to his true love on Earth. He signs up for a dating service and waits several months before finally arranging a date with Carrie who he feels may be a potential mate for him. When the two finally meet the relationship takes off quickly. I thought this was a sweet love story. Frey comes from a planet that does not allow its inhabitants to show affection towards one another. His desire is to find a woman that he can have an affectionate life long relationship with. Carrie is still trying to recover from a divorce that has left her with low self-esteem.

Celestial Seduction (1Night Stand, #17) by Jessica E. Subject

But I thought the story was well written. Jessica Subject did a good job conveying the emotions and vulnerabilities of both Carrie and Frey and I enjoyed their story. Celestial Seduction would appeal to romance junkies that enjoy sci-fi elements and alien heroes. Jul 03, Alisha Robinson rated it it was amazing. Aliens aren't really my bag But when Jess told me she was going to be a published author I just had to read her short story! This book had everything us gals and guys look for in our romance. A somewhat nervous woman who opens up while engulfed in passion, a strong, sexy as all heck man err alien, and a whole lotta steamy s-e-x!

Jess didn't disappoint here. Her imagery was insane! I could almost see his Yes, it was a short s Aliens aren't really my bag Yes, it was a short story but the reader could easily relate to the characters. Their feelings and insecurities made them likable, and their love was felt even if it was only a one night stand. Although, I still don't think I will go all ga ga over aliens any time in the near future, I did enjoy this novel! At the end of this short story I could see a long future ahead for our characters!

Nov 19, Renee rated it it was amazing Shelves: library. I loved this book. It was short, only about 35 pages, but it caught my attention and kept me intrigued. Fans of Sci Fi Romance will love it too. Frey was so cute and somewhat insecure about himself and Carrie had low self esteem issues. She was not as simple as I thought and Frey was determined to win her over. This book was both touching and humorous. I highly recommend this book. Jul 01, Rebecca rated it it was amazing.

It had the amazing combination of love, sex, romance, and science fiction.

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It is fabulous. Jessica Subject manages to do in brief short story what so many authors struggle with in huge books--she makes her readers feel. This is a debut book and its fabulous. Jul 21, Kelly at rated it really liked it. An Alien to Love. A collection of 1Night Stand stories.

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By Jessica E. Subject about sexy heroes from other planets. They all end up spending an evening with a gorgeous stranger. But, will one night lead to more, or will the women end up running away when they learn their sexy suitor comes from another planet? Find out in these five sensual 1Night Stand stories by sci-fi romance author, Jessica E. Available from. All Romance iBooks Kobo. Add to Goodreads.

Date Published: July 1, ISBN: Word Count: 55, words. Page Count: approx. From Satin Sheets in Space :. After slipping her shoes on and grabbing her clutch, she headed for the door. She shivered at the sound of the deep, sexy voice. Spinning around, she gazed up at an enormous, captivating man.

Very rarely did she meet a guy so much taller than herself. His black velvet justacorps fit tight across his broad shoulders, but not too snug. And the silk shirt lining his wide chest matched the color of her dress. Almost as if they were made for each other. I can only hope. Flowing down his back, his long, thick, dark mane appeared to have feathers throughout. In the dim lighting, his hair, and even his skin had a faint blue glow. Perhaps you might even enjoy some company? But this had to be some kind of joke.

She looked around for cameras, anxious faces. No one as hot as this man could want to spend a night with her. I was stood up by my date, and my friends no longer need me to stick around. Might as well have put a target on my back. He rested his hand on her hip, sending intense sexual energy zinging straight to her core.

Celestial Seduction:. Satin Sheets in Space:. Another Night, Another Planet:. Hot sex along with some interesting twists kept my interest from the first page. His Alien Virgin:. Subject fan. Her Alien Hero:. Jessica E. Subject is the author of contemporary and science fiction romance, ranging from sweet to erotic. In her stories, you could meet clones, or a sexy alien or two.

You may even be transported to another planet for a romantic rendezvous. When Jessica isn't reading, writing, or doing dreaded housework, she likes to get out and walk with her giant, hairy dog her family adopted from the local animal shelter. Jessica lives in Ontario, Canada with her husband and two energetic children.

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Editorial Reviews. Review. Happily Ever After Reviews - "An enjoyable read that holds an interesting plot with two likeable characters." Author Lilly Van Horn - "I. Celestial Seduction book. Read 33 reviews from the world's largest community for readers.

And she loves to hear from her readers. You can find her at jessicasubject. Subject, Decadent Publishing, science fiction, futuristic, romance, sci-fi, gay romance, science fiction romance, futuristic romance, excerpt, erotic romance, erotic, Celestial Seduction, Satin Sheets in Space, Another Night Another Planet, His Alien Virgin, Her Alien Hero, action, space travel, sexy heroes, sexy aliens, extraterrestrial, alien heroes. Full links if you prefer:. Please Note: Contest is international. No substitutions can be made.

Must be 18 or over to enter. Void where prohibited by law. Good luck! Born as mafia royalty, the Marcello brothers were raised ingrained with the beliefs and rules of what it meant to be a Mafioso prince. It is for life. Their status is considered a given right. They will always be these people. They will always be Marcellos.

Family in his world is more than blood and sharing a last name. Unwillingly affiliated with a dangerous MC gang, her life is dominated by the men surrounding her and her future rests solely in how useful she can be for them. The last thing she needs is some Mafioso gaining her more unwanted attention from the club. This world leaves everyone a little filthy. I was drawn in immediately to Lucian and his Italian family. But low and behold he finds his lasting passion and desire in the last place on earth he ever thought possible, the confessional!

Again, being of Italian descent, this book reminded me of my childhood with the big Sunday meals and the tons of extended family, the closeness of us all. As a Capo and the son of a mob boss, he knows what is and is not acceptable conduct. The one thing he would never do is disobey the principles of La Cosa Nostra.

Kim Abella has made some mistakes—no doubt about it. After everything, she knew better than to get mixed up with another family, especially their youngest son. Sometimes, love has to start out a little filthy. Young love. This couple is far from perfect, they made some serious mistakes, but their love was enough to pull them through. The plot line was well-paced, creative, sexy and suspenseful. Bethany writes beautifully that 5 stars are always not enough.

But without a wife at his side, his seat as the boss is on shaky ground. The rules for their arrangement are simple: no intimacy, no emotions.