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I love to dance Join in as Ollie dances like a jelly with a wobbly belly and wriggles after a bath. I love to sing Ollie loves to sing in the rain, in the bath and with ducks in the park. I love vacations Ollie the zebra loves many things but he especially loves vacations. Ollie celebrates all the wonderful things he loves about taking time off and experiencing new places. I love you Little Badger's teacher shares her favourite words with the class. At the end of the day Little Badger goes home to practise saying three special words- I love you.

I love you book Come on a romp through the pages of this enchanting picture book. It reminds us of all the books we love, and why we like to see and to feel, to touch and to smell and even to taste the books and the stories that light up our lives. I need a hug All this little porcupine wants is a hug. But, those prickly spikes make it very difficult to give her the cuddle that she craves. I need my monster When Ethan's regular bed time monster decides to go on holidays, Ethan can't sleep without Gabe's ragged breathing and claw-scratching.

Substitute monsters line up to take Gabe's place but none of them are scary enough to help Ethan get to sleep. Ethan wonders how he will be able to sleep. I really like slop Gerald is careful. Piggie invites Gerald to try her favourite food. But, Gerald is not so sure he's going to like it. At all. I remember I remember is an exquisite tale of memory.

Set in the Geraldton area of Western Australia, an elderly woman remembers the camping trips of her childhood. As her recollections fade in and out, she is drawn to think about the elusiveness of what she can remember from so long ago. I spy Dad A little girl is looking for her father. She can see lots of dads doing many different things but she can't find hers. I spy Mum The little boy searches for his mother and he spies all kinds of mums.

A making mum, a baking mum and many other types of mums until he finds his own. I told you so Sometimes, adults just won't listen. Ella tries to warn Nursey about all the odd characters that are filling up Tom's pram. But, Nursey just won't believe her. I took the moon for a walk When the day has ended and everyone else has fallen asleep, a young boy embarks on an adventure with his friend, the Moon.

Their unusual journey is described in a magical story celebrating the serene beauty of the world at night. I wanna be a great big dinosaur A little boy desperately wants to become a great big dinosaur. When a real-life dinosaur hears his wish and begins to show him what it takes, perhaps the dinosaur can learn a thing or two about what it takes to be a little boy.

I want a sister When she is told that her mother is expecting a new baby, the stroppy and determined Little Princess immediately announces that she does not want a brother because they are smelly and rough, and have all the wrong toys. I want my hat back The bear's hat is gone and he wants it back. Patiently and politely, he asks the animals, one by one, whether they have seen it. Each animal says no, some more elaborately than others. But, just as he begins to lose hope, lying flat on his back in despair, a deer comes by and asks a rather obvious question.

I want spaghetti Once there was a little rabbit who wanted to eat only one thing. I want to be in a book For most of his life, Cecil had waited patiently on a pin board, dreaming of being in a book. In his imagination, Cecil could be anything, or anywhere. Adventure was calling, and Cecil knew what he had to do. I want to be in a scary story I want to be in a scary story. Are you sure Little Monster? Scary stories can be very scary! Yes, I'm sure.

Well, okay then. Here goes I want two birthdays The Little Princess wants to have two birthdays, just like the Queen, which means twice as many presents every year. When she realises how much fun two birthdays are, she decides she wants three, then four. The more birthdays she has, the less special they are.

But, the King has a solution up his sleeve. I went walking A repetitious, rhyming text in which the author is followed by a variety of animals all of a different colour. I will surprise my friend Gerald and Piggie are best friends. Gerald and Piggie want to play a game and surprise each other, but the best surprise is the one they least expect. I will take a nap Gerald is careful. They are best friends. But, today, Gerald is tired and cranky.

I wish I had a dinosaur A little girl sits on her balcony, in a modern apartment block by the sea, dreaming of all the things she could do if she had a dinosaur. I wish I had a pirate suit Peter has a pirate suit and his poor little brother has to be his prisoner and his crew. Will it ever change? A book that really understands what it's like to be a little brother. I wish that I had duck feet A boy uses his imagination to experiment with what life would be like if you had different animal parts.

He discovers that there is a good and a bad side to everything but being yourself is the best of all. I'll see you in the morning An evening lullaby consisting of rhyming language and appealing illustrations. I'm a duck Now I'm a duck who's scared to go in the pond or lake, and so I cannot swim, and that is bad. A landlocked duck is very sad. Sometimes it takes a lot to get your webbed feet wet! I'm Australian too From countries near and far, many have made their home in Australia, sharing it with the original inhabitants, and living in peace beneath the southern stars. I'm going to eat this ant There are so many scrumptious ways to eat this ant Sliced or stir-fried, sauteed or sun-dried.

Mmmmm, I can't wait to snaffle it up. I'm green and I'm grumpy Children dress up in all sorts of fancy dress costumes, including a witch and a dinosaur. You have to guess who is wearing what by following a series of clues. I'm not scared Baby Owl is not scared of the dark and he shouldn't be, that's when owls are supposed to be about. But, all the do-gooders Baby Owl meets are starting to scare his favourite toy, Owly. Dad will have to come to the rescue. I'm number one The toy soldier takes command of the other toys, with unexpected results.

I'm really not tired Even before Dad tucks him in, Sam McKay has devised a plan to find out what really goes on in his house after bedtime. He is convinced that all the best things happen after he goes to bed. With his trusted furry accomplice, he hatches a plan to sneak downstairs and discover the fun for himself. I'm Taggarty Toad Come and listen to Taggarty, the boastful Toad, as he relates his amazing adventures of bravery, cunning and mischief to an audience of animals.

A surprising story with incredible, detailed illustrations. He thinks they're brilliant. But, Dog also thinks that he's the best at everything and just won't stop telling them how good he is. Dog's friends decide to teach him a lesson. I've lost my kisses Matilda has lost her kisses but she is determined to find them before Poppa comes to stay. She wonders what kisses look like and where they can be found. Matilda searches everywhere and it seems that everyone has kisses, except her. If I ran the circus Morris McGurk dreams of staging the world's most tremendous and stupendous show.

If I was a banana A boy's eye-view of the everyday brings alive all the wonder and oddity of the world inside our own heads. If I were you When a father and his daughter imagine what it would be like to be one another, a crazy adventure begins. If sharks disappeared A healthy ocean is home to many different kinds of animals. They can be big, like a whale, tiny, like a shrimp, and even scary, like a shark.

Even though sharks can be scary, we need them to keep the oceans healthy. Unfortunately, due to overfishing, many shark species are in danger of extinction, and that can cause big problems in the oceans and even on land. What would happen if this continued and sharks disappeared completely? If you're happy and you know it Song title in book format with lovely illustrations and the animals as participants. A book of happiness for all ages. Imaginary Fred Sometimes, with a little electricity or luck or even magic, an imaginary friend might appear when you need one.

An imaginary friend like Fred, who floated like a feather in the wind, until a lonely little boy wished for him and found a friendship like no other. Imagine Two children imagine places and picture all the animals they would meet there. Some of the imaginary places include being deep in the jungle, under the sea, in a land of ice and snow, among steaming swamps and marshes. In a people house Alliteration and rhyming text combine for a frolic through an ordinary house.

In my heart: A book of feelings Sometimes my heart feels like a big yellow star, shiny and bright. I smile from ear to ear and twirl around so fast, I feel as if I could take off into the sky. This is when my heart is happy. Happiness, sadness, bravery, anger, shyness, our hearts can feel so many feelings!

Play(ful) Pedagogical Practices for Creative Collaborative Literacy

Some make us feel as light as a balloon, others as heavy as an elephant. In My Heart explores a full range of emotions, describing how they feel physically, inside. They are much improved and bundled in the shop. They are bundled for easy downloading in the shop. They are bundled and added to in the shop. They are bundled in the shop. They are in one download in the shop. Also do not download the simple A-Z photo books individually. The point of many of these shop bundles is to save you a TON of time downloading, plus some of the files are updated and improved.

Some things in the shop that are completely NEW and not in the shop — LOTW curriculum, theme packs which just various small freebies on this page , the writing workshop curriculum, A-Z photo cards, opposite packs, etc. Thank you so very much for clarifying that. Thank you again so very much and I look forward to any new additions. I also absolutely love the suggestions you offer on all of the pages such as story books to go along with themed packs or other printables. I love the little phonics readers! Are you planning on creating some books focusing on ce and je? Thank you for your awesome resources.

As a reading specialist, turned stay at home mom of 3 under 3, this is a gold mine. Thanks for creating such fun and cute activities! Thank you for the encouragement, Katie! Thanks for the suggestion, Kelly! I am a daycare provider who does lessons with toddler thru the school year. This site is the bomb….. I LOVE your site! This is ALL so valuable! Question though- where can I find the number flip book that I see in a photo?

It have a BIG 2 and two cars. I think my daughter would love that! Can someone help me? Thank you so much for your free downloads! Thanks so much! I love your site, I am a student teacher and I know for sure my little ones will go enjoy this activities next year. Thank you so much for your resources. Not only have I enjoyed them as a parent but as a teacher as well. Your resources are so great and I love that they are free. Thank you for making these beautiful and so helpful printables!

I love everything you do. I hardly have the time to look through them all, I cannot figure out how you have the time to MAKE them all! Thank you, thank you! I am making some alphabet letters for my 2-year-old grandson. Can you give me an estimate of how many of each letter I need to make for him and how many of each number? He signs with his parents and is becoming more verbal every day.

Thank you for all the work you have accomplished to help parents learn to work with their children appropriately. My son taught himself to read at age 4 and my daughter taught herself to read at age 3. I had been reading to them from 6 months in age. Great pleasure for me and for them! Again, thank you for making so much information available. If you are eager to print and bind material for his parents to use, I would start with the alphabet books. They are a great fit for 2 year olds, and they are something he can use again and again.

Here are the links to my two sets:. This is wonderful. This year will be my fist time teaching first grade. I Know this will be very helpful for my students. My husband and I will be visiting the family for Christmas.


By the way, I forgot to tell you that the parents told us Lukas loves the letters! Thank you so much for sharing how to make them.

Preschool Reading Lessons- Letter Blending - Sight Words - ABC Phonics - LOTTY LEARNS

Thank you so much, my Kindergarten class love using so many of your activities during literacy groups!! You can download it for free online. I pay a small fee to use it commercially. My son and niece love the alphabets and number print outs from here. I just purchased your alphabet books and was wondering if you had a similar one for numbers? If so I would love to round out their collections with them! I am a special need education teacher from Hungary Europe.

I work with kids with autism. It is very difficult for us, because we need special metholds to teach them. I find that page and it is very useful, because i get some new ideas from you and some free printables that i think we can use next year during there lessons. We use similar metholds, although i need to translate these staff.

These printables Huge help for us!!! I think it will help us teaching them better and they will enjoy them. Hi there, I am retired from the local school district in my town, however, I will be using your resources with students that I tutor on the side. I have downloaded most of your freebies and plan on buying some of the other resources in the next month or two.

Your games will come in handy when I am working on a specific skill with my students. Thank you so much for all your hard work and dedication. Thank you so much Anna for youur wonderful material! Really love all of your printables! This website is awesome. The freebees in English will help me a lot?

Do you have anything in Spanish? Once again thanks. These are very beneficial to me. Thank you so much Ana. I am looking forward for more freebies! Thanks so much for your free printables. Are they still available? The 5 senses clip cards are not a freebie; they are part of my All About Me preschool theme pack.

I love this website and all of the resources available. I really want to use these resources. Hi Anna it is the wonderful work that you are doing and helps some one to get knowledge i salute for this act. Dearest Anna, You have created amazing stuff here! I would like to thank you, I got some of your products, just to encourage my 4,5 yr old son on his learning journey, which is a bit bumpy at the moment, but I believe with your help, I will make it nice and smooth for him.

Thank you so much, you can be truly proud of yourself! Very creative, fun, and so helpful! Love your activities! A few days ago you posted vowel pair mini teaching posters. I only printed a few of the ones that I needed but now I cannot find the rest of them! I think it was about 40 pages long. Wondering if you remember the title of it so I can search it. I love your free printables!! They are so well done and cover so many areas. It makes it easy to incorporate fun fine motor tasks into a daily classroom routine. Thank you so much!! I also teach in bilingual classrooms.

Do you have any printables in Spanish? Thank you in advance for your reply. You might want to check this TPT store.

I was searching for a cup water and i got a sea of water. This is what i feel when i went through you website. You could have sold it, but u made a lot as free. I dont have anything to give for you, But my prayers for your children. May them live long and be a role model like their mom for billions of people in this world. God bless them and U. Thankyou so much. If my son would be a great person in future, u will also be one of the reasons for it, Love u.

Thank you so much for your very kind words, Nirmala! Thank you so much for your comment! Thank you so much for your website and freebies! My students and I have enjoyed many of your first grade resources. I recieved a box today full of wonderful surprises. It was very exciting. I am anxiously awaiting the class starting. Thanks for being such a blessing to so many.

I still need to get your RAZ subscription and get you enrolled in the course. Will do so soon! These resources are amazing! Thanks so much for all your work! Hi, Thank you so much for making such wonderful resources and sharing so many for free! You are incredibly generous! I will consider adding those to it. This is a treasure trove of resources!! My boys and I love the activities you share.

Thanks for being willing to share your skill set. It is making a huge difference in our lives! Thank you so much for your thoughtful comment! I purchased your letter of the week Curriculm in January Order no. Thanking you Marie. I have been looking for something like the phonics books. I homeschooled for 25 years and then another 5 with my grandchild. I use balametrics and rocket phonics.

I found your website about a week ago. I was looking for the printable list of stories to read aloud for the alphabet. I am not sure what it is called or where I can find it. I subscribed to the newsletter as it said in order to access the subscriber library but am unable to find that either. Please let me know if I need to do something else. How long does it usually take receive a first email after subscribing? Thanks for all the work you have put into this! Such amazing resources for classroom and at home! Thanks so much for your help. Sorry for posting twice! Hello Anna, I just wanted to say that I love your printable resources!

I just finished teaching summer school to a group of Kindergartners. I used a bunch of your resources: ABC Letter Tracing cards- the kids loved the pictures, the mini ABC flipbook was very helpful for reinforcing letter sounds during small group work, a rhyming worksheet that I used as an assessment at the end to see their growth with rhyming words that we reviewed with your rhyming path games. We also used the beginning letter path games, the cute fruits and vegetables books and the 3D sorting mats with pictures of real objects.

Your resources made it easy to plan productive activities that the students enjoyed using. Thank you for creating these resources and for sharing them as free resources. Your site will be a first stop for me when I need a new idea for teaching primary grade students.

This is so wonderful to hear, Stephanie! I soooo love your website! Thank you so much for your talent and generosity sharing them to the whole world. Your printables are amazing! These are so good! Everything I was looking for. Thank you so much for making them FREE. I teach preschool and love your blog. Maybe these? I love your resources. I saw a picture of clip cards for the senses and have been looking for it on your site.

HI Heather! This is part of my All About Me pack, but it is also a subscriber freebie. You can do join at the top of this page. My students really love using that game to practice their facts! We will soon be starting division. Would you happen to have the same game for division?

My grandchild is in first grade and I feel she needs help in reading. I am interested in working on phonic awareness with her. I feel it will help her be able to sound out words with more confidence and as a result enjoy reading. Thank you for the excellent resources. I teach in a special education classroom and these resources help them to practice skills as well as learn. You have created so many valuable resources, thank you for sharing them! Congratulations on your work it is really amazing and helpful. I really love it Never seen such qualitiy and thougtfulness in everything that you do.

And I am not here just for your freebies which is amazing too. I do not mind pay for high quality work like you, not at all. But I do have a complaint. Or maybe I am just ignorant? And I mean it in the best possible way. Thank you so much for sharing all your wonderful ideas. I appreciate you sharing your creativity and knowledge! Somehow, I just stumbled across your free site today. I am a grandmother that helps my children home school their children the best way I can.

May the Lord bless you real good as this is your calling. Hi- I use your web sight a lot homeschooling my daughter with autism. She is middle school age but still needs the pre-school kindergarten level. She really needs real photographs not cartoons. I love the real pictures!!! The theme pack is FULL of real images, including 12 books like the firefighter book.

Your freebies are really amazing and useful! Hello , i like your resources very much. How much shall i pay if i want to buy all resources from your website. Thank you so much for sending your fantastic digraph books. They will be very helpful with our learning. She has hundreds of free printables on her blog! Thank you Anna for being here […]. She has a lot of pictures to use for word families. You could use […]. Her printables are amazing!

What Does “Sounding Out Words” Mean?

This particular one is under the Pre-Reading section and is called […]. Great to cut-out, laminate, and file so they are easily accessible. Here is a link to a bloggers site where she features free printables. I printed off so many different items just from this one […]. Her […]. These worksheets are from The Measured Mom. Her blog provides valuable information for parents and teachers, explaining how we should teach […]. The animals are adorable, and you can find all the letters in the alphabet. The Measured […]. Your email address will not be published. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam.

Learn how your comment data is processed. Looking for something? Which one starts with a different sound? Syllable clip cards Syllable sorting cards. Ending sound clip cards Match the ending sound cards Roll an ending sound games. Editable sight word games Fall sight word games Color words game. How many to 10?

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Number find worksheets Number tracing book Number handwriting Train coloring race Monster memory Buggy numbers Ladybug number recognition Number worksheets Number cards. Writing ideas chart Printables for finding writing topics. Noun game: Person, Place, Object, or Animal? Name a noun game Name that verb game. Join , readers and get access to our exclusive subscriber library. It's free! Comments Very cool website for kids. Thank you so so much for all these amazing resources!! So grateful! Could tell me where I can find your diagraph coloring sheets?

Love this site. Wish i had the time to think of these ideas and share with others! How can I get the sight words books with a horizontal line in the middle? Hi Kathy! I love this site! So many great fun learning ideas for the children. You are awesome! Very well. Thank you so much for your printables and activity ideas. My little people love them!! Finally, I found this amazing website. Thank you so much for sharing. God Bless you. Thanks so much for passing on my site to other teachers! I always appreciate that. Your site is a life saver :-! Thanks so much for your kind comment. Lots of great activities!

Thanks Anna. Thanks again, you are wonderful! Thank you so much, Amanda — your comment was a big day brightener. Hi Anna, I would like to take the chance to say a big thank you for sharing your wonderful resources. Blessings to you as well. Very useful Website. Thank you a million times.

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Be blessed abundantly for hard work.! Greeting from Thailand, Thank you so much for sharing these amazing resources. I love your website….. Thank you all the way from New Zealand, you have created some really awesome resources. All I can say is Thank you and keep up the good work. Thank you Anna. The beginning blends cards are great! Not yet, Caroline! Maybe a future project, but I have no immediate plans for those. Hello, I am a pre-k teacher, working for age group 3 to 5.

Thanks Sneha. Hello, Thanks for the opposite match. Thank you, Florencia. Hello, Florencia! Thank you, Elaine! I really appreciate the kind words. Thanks so much for taking the time to comment. Thanks so much for your comment. Hi, Charmaine! Hi Anna, I wanted to thank you so much for all your free printables. Thank you, Ana. Thank You I will be Pinning this for reference. Thanks so much for looking around, Rachael! I hope you find lots of things you can use. Hurray — so glad these will be helpful for your students! Blessings to you and your staff. Thanks Robin. Hi Robin! This website is unbelievable You are so talented!!!

Thank you so much for sharing for freeeee!!! Hi Allie, Yes, all the files are still there. Let me know if it works for you! What a blessing you are! Thank you for sharing and caring.

Dear Anna, Thank you SO…. Blessing to you, Sherley Yngfors. Your website is fantastic! I am printing freebies now! Thanks so much for visiting! Do you have any worksheets for tracing numbers ? Thank you so much, Elle! I hope you find lots here that you can use! This is a fantastic website. Thank you for sharing your hard work.

Hi Anna, Your website is awesome. Hello, Anjana! Thank you, Laura. Gotcha, Laura! I just answered your first comment. Let me know if you still have questions! Thank you for taking the time to do this!!!! Thanks so much for letting me know! Thank you so much, Cindy! Hi, Mariam! Hope to have more and more materials for the kids in the days to come. Wish your best of luck. Anna, I would like to sought your kind advise how we joyfully teach our kids herein Dhaka, Bangladesh so that they can easily take their lessons?


Eagerly awaiting your kind advise soon. Thanks a lot and with regards. I love your word family readers! Is there an easy was to put them together? Thank you so much for your free s es phonics books! They were hard to find.

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However, if your 6-year-old continues to struggle with blending, please contact us for further help. Wolfsheimer Almon In my 38 years of teaching, I have only seen two advancements that I have felt were beneficial. I really appreciate your kind note. As child that skipped 1,3 and an offer to skip 5th but my mom wanted to keep me as close to my peer group as possible LOL. Yet we fight daily to live as those whose greatest pleasure is found in God.

Anna, Your website is an excellent source of knowledge and wisdom for both my kids. Dipa x. Good website, i like the content. Hi Anna, I recently bought almost every item that is offered in your shop. Anna, Thank you so very much for clarifying that. Hi Kelsey! Instead, students and teachers could share the name of the book that they're reading at the moment, and offer a sentence about it. It's a great way to share recommendations. Drop Everything And Read DEAR is used in classrooms across the country, and allows children to forget their normal tasks and drift away with a good book.

Webster explains: "The whole school has a set time in the school day where children read to themselves or an adult and they can choose from a wide variety of books. Ludgate says it is important that DEAR does not become a task: "Having 10 minutes of reading at the beginning of every lesson doesn't always work because it can become too ingrained.

Encouraging children to read for pleasure is about more than getting them to pick up a book; it's equally important for children to appreciate a good story. The older years in particular haven't been read to at home for so long that they absolutely love it. Comics, ebooks, short stories, online articles and magazines shouldn't be ignored.

For example, we had a whole term based on the Gruffalo in September. Now in the summer term children often recite it word for word and talk about other Julia Donaldson books they've read since. Here are some of the best ideas, initiatives and projects that teachers have developed to motivate children and help them develop a love for reading: Reading challenges Reading competitions come in many shapes and sizes, with the aim of spicing up literature and giving children an incentive to open a book.

Teacher involvement "Showing students that teachers of all subjects read books, not just the English teachers, is really important," says Ludgate. Join the Guardian Teacher Network for lesson resources, comment and job opportunities , direct to your inbox.

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