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Every year, we add new national retailers to our ranking. Including these new retailers, our complete list of retailers has 7, store locations across the five boroughs.

  • Gaza’s Islamic Jihad Pretends Photos of Manhattan Gas Explosion Portray Attacks on Israel.
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Zip Code Trends Like last year, the zip code, home to the Staten Island Mall, took the top place for highest number of national retailer locations at , down from last year. Also like last year, increases in retailer locations by zip code were modest. Manhattan still has the largest share of national retailer locations in the city at 37 percent of all locations, followed by Queens at 23 percent, Brooklyn at 22 percent, the Bronx at 12 percent, and Staten Island at 6 percent. Manhattan also has the highest concentration of chain stores at locations per square mile.

The remaining boroughs have significantly fewer chain stores per square mile: Brooklyn 36 , Queens 15 , the Bronx 11 , and Staten Island 7. Overall there are 24 chain stores per square mile and 1, New York City residents for every chain store location in the city. The remainder of this report details a comprehensive ranking of national chains in New York city by their number of store locations, the number of store locations in each zip code, zip codes with the most and least number of chains, and zip codes with the most and least number of chains by borough.

The largest national retailers are expanding all over the city. The following shows where the ten largest retailers added locations or contracted over the past year. Duane Reade was acquired by Walgreens in Although there are still Duane Reade- and Walgreens-branded stores throughout the city, we counted these stores together. RadioShack has since closed its last three stores in New York. Gimbel Foundation.

Research support from Nicholas Hoynes and Lucas dos Santos. Sources in the Palestinian Authority say the truce will be announced by Cairo and Ramallah at 7 p. The agreement will provide a framework for a permanent ceasefire, as well as lifting the blockade on the Gaza Strip — a condition the Palestinian factions in Cairo have insisted upon. The truce agreement reported reached between Israel and the Palestinian factions will reportedly expand the permitted fishing area in the Gaza Strip, Ynet reports. Just one hour before a ceasefire announcement, three people are injured in a rocket attack on an Israeli town in the Gaza periphery.

The three people who were injured in a rocket attack on the Eshkol region just two hours before a ceasefire announcement are seriously hurt, Channel 2 reports.

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Four people, not three, were injured in a mortar attack on the Eshkol region, in southern Israel. A permanent ceasefire between Israel and the Gaza Strip will come into effect at 7 p. One of the six people wounded in a mortar attack on the Eshkol region, in southern Israel, has died of his wounds after attempts to save his life failed, Channel 2 reports.

It is yet to be seen if the truce commencing this evening is part of a negotiated agreement over a long-term ceasefire. Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas confirms that a truce between Israel and the Palestinian factions in the Gaza Strip will go into effect at 7 p. Just minutes before a truce in the Gaza Strip take effect, Code Red sirens blare throughout southern Israel. Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas announces that a deal has been reached with Israel over a long-term end to seven weeks of fighting in Gaza.

As rockets and mortars continue to be fired at Israel, moments before a truce takes effect, residents of central Israel report hearing booms over the area. According to the report, the deal has been accepted now by Hamas in Gaza, having been rejected previously due to objections from political bureau chief Khaled Mashaal.

Hamas claims responsibility for the rocket fire at Tel Aviv just before an open-ended truce takes effect this evening. The official says the terms do not include any response to Hamas demands, including those for a seaport, airport, prisoner releases, or transfer of funds to pay salaries.

Trump had an unusual reaction to 9/11 just hours after the attacks

It also forced Israelis close to Gaza to flee their homes, he says. They can return now, he says, because Hamas has decided they can — not because Netanyahu has decided they can. Thousands of Palestinians flood on to the streets of Gaza City after an open-ended truce agreed between Israel and the Palestinians goes into effect.

Among the celebrants are gunmen — some from Hamas — who fire in the air in celebration just moments after the truce begins, AFP correspondents say. After an open-ended truce goes into effect at 7 p. The soldier is shirtless, his military-issue shirt slung over his shoulder. A large black Star of David is tattooed on his bare back. Behind the soldier, tanks — presumably Israeli ones — are seen retreating, presumably from the Gaza Strip, amid a cloud of fire and smoke.

Footage uploaded to the YouTube video sharing website earlier today purports to show 15 simultaneous Iron Dome interceptions over the skies of Israel. In the video, several Israelis — one of them wearing a Jewish prayer shawl, indicating that he is mid-prayer — hide in and behind a shelter on a military base as sirens sound overhead, signaling incoming rockets fired from the Gaza Strip.

Not long after, a flurry of interceptions by Iron Dome takes place — first two, then four, then several more, with booms signaling interceptions following. An agreement is reached between the two relevant federations and European governing body UEFA to put back the match, which was expected to take place in Jerusalem. Half of the ministers in the security cabinet are still opposed to the Egyptian framework for a ceasefire, even as an open-ended truce in the Gaza Strip takes effect, Channel 2 reports. Egypt says the Gaza ceasefire that went into force at 7 p. The United States gives full backing to the announcement of a new open-ended truce between Israel and the Palestinians after 50 days of violence between Israel and the Gaza Strip.

The American Jewish Congress welcomes the announcement of an open-ended truce between Israel and the Gaza Strip and calls for the demilitarization of the coastal enclave. A Jewish married couple were verbally and physically attacked in New York City by assailants — apparently Palestinian supporters — yelling anti-Jewish statements, the New York Post reports.

On Monday evening, a gang pulled up in two cars and several motorcycles and surrounded the couple on the Upper East Side of Manhattan, the New York Post says. Several of the vehicles displayed Palestinian flags. The wife was hit with a water bottle and her husband was punched in the side of his head, according to the newspaper, which cites law enforcement sources. Several senior Hamas and Islamic Jihad leaders appear in public shortly after a Gaza truce takes hold, the first time they have done so since the conflict began on July 8. The US will partner with the Palestinian Authority rather than with Hamas in forwarding reconstruction plans.

Israel and Hamas accept an Egyptian proposal for an open-ended truce in war-torn Gaza on Tuesday in a move to end 50 days of bloodshed. Here are the main points of the Egyptian proposal as explained by Azzam al-Ahmad, lead Palestinian negotiator, in the truce talks. The agreement provides for an immediate easing of restrictions on the two main crossings between Israel and Gaza to allow in aid and reconstruction supplies.

The move would facilitate the entry of humanitarian aid and food as well as medical supplies and materials to repair key infrastructure including the water network, the electricity grid and mobile phone networks. Palestinian fishermen arrive back from fishing in the port of Gaza City on August 5, , after a hour truce agreed by Israel and Hamas went into effect. Restrictions imposed on Gaza fishermen are to be relaxed, with an immediate extension of the fishing zone to six nautical miles from the shore, to be extended later to 12 miles. The Egyptian proposal foresees discussion of a number of as yet unresolved issues, including a future prisoner swap deal.

Such an arrangement would involve the release of Palestinian prisoners held by Israel in exchange for militants handing over the remains of two Israeli soldiers killed in the fighting. Hamas wants hundreds of prisoners released, among them those arrested in a major Israeli arrest campaign in the West Bank in June and around 60 who were released in a prisoner swap deal then re-arrested. There are no specific details on issues such as restriction of construction materials which could be used for terrorist purposes or a resumption of exports to the West Bank and overseas.

Israel has linked the lifting of the blockade and the reconstruction of Gaza to the disarming of terrorist groups in a demand flatly refused by the Palestinians. One of the wounded in the mortar attack on the Eshkol region earlier today has died, bringing the death toll in the attack to 2. The man, who was at first said to be seriously injured, succumbed to his wounds late this evening.

The UN statement stresses that a political process that leads to two states is the only way to reach lasting peace in Gaza. Quartet representative to the Middle East Tony Blair reacts to the Israel-Hamas ceasefire agreement which went into effect earlier this evening, saying he welcomes the deal and congratulates Egypt on mediating the negotiations successfully. Another Israeli died on his way to Soroka Hospital in Beersheba. A man who was seriously injured was operated on and is currently in intensive care. Haim Jelin, head of the Eshkol Regional Council, instructs residents not to return until it is clear that the ceasefire is for real, Israel Radion reports.

Jelin tells Channel 10 that if the rocket fire continues, he will ask government ministers to come to the region with their families, and decide on their next steps in rocket range. After two civilians, including the kibbutz security chief, were killed at Kibbutz Nirim while fixing electricity lines damaged by mortars, emergency teams are again working to restore electricity. We lost a dear friend, and we are hoping and praying for the welfare of the injured. Residents and emergency services gather at the site of a damaged house in the Israeli coastal city of Ashkelon after it was hit by a rocket launched by Hamas terrorists in the Gaza Strip on August 26, Palestinians look up at the remains of an apartment tower block that Israel said was used by Hamas as a command center and that was destroyed by an Israeli airstrike overnight in Gaza City on August 26, An apartment building that was damaged by the explosion from a rocket, fired in the Gaza Strip, which hit a neighboring house in Ashkelon, southern Israel, early morning on August 26, Residents look on in shock after a rocket fired from the Gaza Strip hit a house in Ashkelon, southern Israel, early morning on August 26, A Palestinian woman takes some of her belongings from her partially destroyed home across the street from where a high rise apartment building, that Israel said was used as a Hamas command center in Gaza City, was targeted by Israeli air strikes overnight on August 26, Education Minister Shai Piron center with mayors of towns in southern Israel on a tour of school readiness due to the current security situation, on Monday, August 25, Illustrative: A trail of smoke from a rocket as it was launched from the Gaza Strip toward the southern Israeli city of Ashkelon, August 24, Palestinian travelers wait before crossing into Egypt at the Rafah border crossing with Egypt in the southern Gaza Strip on August 25, A Palestinian man walks with a child past the rubble of a mosque that was partially damaged by an Israeli airstrike on August 25, in Beit Lahia in the northern Gaza Strip.

IDF confirms strikes on Lebanon; Lebanese forces en route to launch site The IDF confirmed late Monday that two rockets were fired into Israel from Lebanon and that it retaliated with artillery fire at the source of the attack. Israeli media indicated the rocket hit near the ceasefire line, possibly on the Lebanese side. At least 20 injured in Gaza building collapse — report Palestinian medical officials in the Hamas-run Gaza Strip report that at 20 people are injured following an IDF strike on a building in a Gaza City neighborhood.

US prepares own draft for Gaza ceasefire UN resolution The US has presented its own draft elements for a Security Council resolution on a ceasefire between Israel, Hamas and other Gaza-based terror groups, Reuters reports , and is working with other countries on a joint text. Gaza attacks trigger Israeli exodus from border; state offers help to those leaving Hundreds of Israelis left their homes along the border with the Gaza Strip on Monday, reflecting growing frustration over the war with Hamas and the Palestinian mortar fire raining down on their communities.

Since p. Watch: Gaza tower struck by Israeli jets comes down Video footage emerges of the Gaza tower struck overnight by Israel, killing two and injuring over 20, according to Palestinian medical official in the Gaza Strip. The tower reportedly contained some residential apartments and media offices. At least 1 rocket intercepted over Tel Aviv region The IDF says at least one rocket was intercepted by the Iron Dome system this morning as a massive barrage was fired at central Israel.

Over Tel Aviv, residents heard at least two loud explosions after the sirens blared. Rockets in response to tower bombing Israeli media reports that Hamas claims responsibility for the early morning barrage at Tel Aviv, saying it is in response to the overnight bombing of a tower block in Gaza City that left two dead and 20 injured. Damage but no injuries in Ashkelon — police Israel police confirm a rocket scored a hit on a home in Ashkelon, causing damage but no injuries.

Three reported injured by morning rockets Israel Radio reports three people were lightly injured in the early morning rocket barrage, likely from shrapnel. Reports had earlier emerged that one of the injured was an 8-year-old boy. A house in Ashkelon suffered serious damage from a rocket hit. Six injured in strike on Ashkelon home Other Israeli media now reporting six people lightly injured in the rocket hit on a home in Ashkelon, mostly from flying glass.

The Ynet news website says three of those injured are children. Pictures from the scene show serious damage to the home, including a large hole in the roof. Sirens sound in Eshkol Sirens are sounding in the Eshkol Regional Council near Gaza as an ongoing rocket barrage from Gaza continues this morning. Photos of destroyed Gaza tower Photos continue to emerge on social media of the destroyed Al Basha tower in Gaza, which the IDF says was used by Hamas as a command and control center. Hamas official says group now accepts Egyptian ceasefire A senior Hamas official, spokesman and political bureau number-two after Khaled Mashaal Moussa Abu Marzouk, says Hamas accepts the formulation in the latest Egyptian ceasefire proposal.

Well said. There is a combination of factors that contribute to the sucess or failure of a store.

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What you have mentioned are all expenses, where rent is the least controllable. The others are mostly payroll factors, and people are the most controllable expense a store owner has. However, another factor in all of this is the consumer. As disposable income drops, due to HIGH apartment rental or mortages, car payments, transportation, GRUB hub expenditures, this puts pressure on pricing for a store owner.

All of these factors play in the success of a business. Consumer demand, regardless of disposable income, is another. Tastes, fashion, and mere shopping habits have changed. This is not entirely due to Amazon either. This is about changing a business model that America has used for the past 50 years.

2000 millennium attack plots

Retailers are not the solution to every construction project, or the solution for all social ills. Nor are the landlords! The cities need to be aware, you can not simply pass a tax to business and spend without balanced budgets, and expect YOU the consumer not to be impacted negatively. Candyman — Retail owners have to provide a value added service and not just be middlemen. Why go to a store when I can by the same item online at a huge discount and have it delivered to my office or home.

IMHO America is not going to be great again — can not be great again — until we stop having the unbelievable privilege of having a global reserve currency that is completely backed by zilch. Less than zilch as Wolf has repeatedly shown. But the ability to press a button and send bits and bytes somewhere and have steel, oil, cars, etc etc sent to ur doorstep? Oddly, at least two of those items can be solved with the idea of automation. Robots, my friend, robots. But it does make me wonder what the consequences are… increased maintenance bills, increased cost of electricity, etc, and heaven help us if the robots get organized and form a union.

Never mind the fact that there might be no profits, because all of the potential customers now have been displaced by robots, and can no longer afford to pay. Check out automation works fantastically well and it really makes it easier to shop and not spend 10 minutes waiting in line for your turn.

But realistically we are decades away from a functioning robot that can stock up shelves, clean, mop up floors, assists customers, package fresh, etc. The technology required for those kinds of motions is just not there. There have been so many new high-rise apt. The problem is that the displaced street-level business were set to be OK from low lease prices in older buildings, cannot make a go of it in the higher priced new space.

Hence, less positive street level experience and a continual churn of failing businesses at street level. At night, after 6pm, downtown Miami is a ghost town. There are areas in London like that. Blocks and blocks of expensive apartment with no coffee or chemist shop in the area because the apartments are empty. What amount of chaos can decades of USA money printing, money laundering millionaire post communism Chinese capitalist newbies, and nouveau rich Saudis with not doubt little fundamental understanding of Western real estate markets, wreak?

Well, I guess we have seen the upside of that, now we wait for the downside. That is, how what size monthly payments a typical buyer can afford via on a 30 yr mortgage. Independent of age. RagnarD — hit the nail on the head. I know way too many people in their 50s who bought houses on 30 year mortgages, with no intention of paying them back before the th payment. Will not end well when they hit 70 and try to sell at inflated prices. Two major problems with downtown Seattle retail are a decided lack of reasonable parking and an excessive number of psychotic street people.

I watched one the other day spend 10 minutes trying to get both feet up out of the gutter. She could get one up onto the sidewalk, but the second was a task beyond capability, and when asked if she needed help she became violent. I grew up in Seattle , back when it was a real back water. I went to Seattle this week for an appt. The downtown traffic from the ferry a night mare, and then going up Yesler, thought I was entering some dystopian nightmare.

Needless to say rolled up the windows and locked the doors. I am not sorry i moved and feel for the Seattlites especially the long timers. They need to stop electing idiots. I feel sad and I feel damned lucky. In Cupertino, there is this place called Vallco mall, it is a ghost mall, has been for the last two decades, the only thing that propped it up was the AMC theater there.

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Photos are emerging on social media reportedly of the rocket that just struck the playground outside a kindergarten in Ashdod. So by calling the number, I was able to talk to somebody in my loneliness. Without a business or educational component, many ecologists are on their own. By his own account, he left around midnight, driving away in the cold night. Dad eating on an international flight, circa They were even more befuddled when they finally caught the culprit. Recovery operations were suspended in because of the lawsuits, leaving the fate of the gold brought to the surface in legal limbo — and tons of gold still on the wreck at the bottom of the sea.

The funny thing is the developers have been wanting to tear the place down for years now, trying to put in a set of condos and such. Their plans went for mixed office use, and the taller and taller condos. Then I guess enough of the council people in Cupertino got bought by the developer that their plans got pushed through. It was utterly hilarious last year, where at the Cupertino library, there were the local residents of Cupertino mostly white and asians who were protesting about the changes to the character of their neighborhoods on one side, and how it would make the place more congested and such.

I also remember that one of the former mayors, I believe it was Barry Chang, was suspected to be in the pocket of the developers too. A lot of under the table dealings there. So, they want to slap a lid on development, or at least slow its progress. But the local government, under the guns from state and one of their special propositions that was backed by Scott Weiner is trying to force development into the cities to build up housing stocks. Too bad for the building maintenance companies. As rents come down they worry over the cost of repairs, delay upgrades and try to cut corners.

Can someone set me straight on this question? And, the places sit closed for 12 hours per day. Maybe not so profitable of a business but if you include the prestige and advertising potential then the value would be higher. I think there a music store chain that has a location near there just for that reason. But maybe the crap the stores sell there is really expensive. I have a home on 77th near Madison. Whenever I go there, I usually walk up and down Madison. So many crazy designer stores. Women actually buy 3 and 4 figure clothing items from those places.

They walk out with huge bags … then jump into private black SUVs. They must drop 5K per visitn. Then they wear that stuff to Daniels on 65th, or to Jean-Georges in the Mark on 77th. You should see those two hangouts … private drivers lined up and down the streets waiting for the call. Dinner bills for a group approaching 1K. Crazy stuff. If you make it to NYC, you should visit the upper east side. You will see why the massive rents on Madison make sense. It will come crashing down soon. Of course soon is rather ambiguous.

Soon could be 6 months. It could also be 60 years. Enjoy your unearned bounty while you can. I have never been there, but at those prices the places must be rough. I must be a rube too, because I too thought the outrageous numbers were per square foot per month. Hint, hint. The RE industry uses both measures, per month and per year. And you get used to it after a while. I have now taken your hint and noted this in the article :-]. And, forgive me the pun, luxury stores are a dime a dozen these days.

It means a lot of competition, sometimes between stores selling exactly the same brands and as pricing on these items tend to be non-dynamic, customers will just pick a store at random. Again the problem is reckless expansion. In this case the brand themselves hide behind specialized franchisers doing the heavy lifting for them but will happily report balance sheets bloated by hefty franchise fees and purchases by said franchisers. To the best of my knowledge franchisers seem to be holding up as a whole, but the occasional bankruptcy is starting to pop up.

Until investors are ready to throw good money after bad, all is fine, but when they panic… the fireworks start! The fancy stores on Fifth Ave are mostly loss leaders. The brand needs a presence there but the money really comes from products that the brand mass markets. But they need the cachet of a Fifth Ave address to sell the more accessible items. Agree that the stores are probably operating at a loss that is chalked up as an advertising expense. Get up to speed Paulo.

Something tells me he never sold that product. Even in the product pictures it only has an award plaque picture, but the product in the bags has different names on the labels. I am seeing rents decline for retail space all over Los Angeles and a lot of office tenants qre subleasing space because they cant afford the rent. The landlords are very leveraged so this could play put as a systemic problem unless they have other reserves. Wolf what about the flow on affects on the value of the buildings, usually building values are a multiple of the rental return.

Yes, that is definitely a consideration. First retail space becoming vacant as it becomes very over priced Then the same thing happens to commercial space. Finally it happens to apartment rents, which are partially insulated because of rent control.

Love Narratively? So do we.

We are at the point where all three are being affected. When the inevitable recession comes, there is going to be blood among all categories of real estate investors. Rcohn — Retail space is going vacant because ecommerce has become so dominant. Commercial space is declining because of overbuilding and companies shifting to remote work and hoteling.

Again, technological advances have reduced the need for physical space in an office. There will never be enough future demand to fill all of the vacant commercial space in major cities at this point. What happened to all of those factories in industrial cities? Apartment rents are going to crash because of overbuilding and overpricing. It just makes more sense to live in 2nd tier cities like Nashville, Austin, Denver. Preach it, Harrold. News story:. I wish him a lot of luck on that asking rent.