My Life With Panic Disorder

Coping with panic disorder
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I was shaking and had trouble breathing again.

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I went to my room completely exhausted. That was the first time I started crying in my adult life. But suddenly, it just happened. It was weird, all my energy faded away and I felt like I just gave up. I was experiencing a new me.

Chest pain, sweating, nausea and the feeling of being removed from your body in a weird way. Only after some research things made sense. I was experiencing panic attacks which slowly transitioned into a constant feeling of anxiety throughout the day.

Panic Attacks and Panic Disorder

And dealing with this shitty feeling occupied most of my waking time. My panic attacks were feeding itself. I ended up getting panic attacks because I was afraid of getting a panic attack again. I could almost guarantee you that if I entered a subway train, it would happen again.

Why the fuck me?

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Why me? What the fuck? I was angry at myself, because I hated wasting time with stupid things like these. I got shit to do!


Dear panic attacks, fuck you! But I took it seriously. I started to learn more about panic attacks and each individual symptom. I broke it down into pieces, I was on a scientific mission to fix myself. Instead of breathing deeply through the stomach, we do short breaths through our chest. This limits our oxygen intake and makes us feel we might faint.

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And all other symptoms you experience are just a chain reaction that comes after. Breaking it down like this helped me the most. I understood the practical reasons of why my body was acting all weird. The next time I got a panic attack for no fucking reason while sitting on the couch, I focused on all the symptoms. I focused on my heartbeat, my sudden change of breath and chest pain.

It all went according to plan. Every time a panic attack was coming up, I started laughing at myself. I made fun of myself. Something magical happened.

Making fun of my panic attacks took all the pressure and effectiveness out of them. Whenever a panic attack happened, I was telling myself. Not the way they did before at least. There was no one around who took them seriously. But still, I knew I had something bigger to deal with. Constant anxiety was still a big part of my day.

I also knew that I need to stop over thinking and searching for a reason. If you are not thirsty, there is no reason to drink water in that moment right?

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But after one or two days you will experience a heavy headache. But still you might say, I was never thirsty, so why do I have a headache now? So the effect of not enough water is something you only experience later on.

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Drinking water is basically preventive care. Rarely there is just a single reason. I was on a mission of change. My goal was to change many aspects of my life, which ultimately ended up solving my problem. As mentioned above. Panic disorder often occurs along with other serious conditions, such as depression, alcoholism or drug abuse. Panic disorder affects 2 to 3 percent of adult Americans.


I had my first panic attack five years ago. My life has not been the same since. Here's how I'm coping with the help of myself, my friends and my. After a few minutes (that felt like an eternity) I was able to catch my breath and come down from the panic attack. I was referred to a psychiatrist.

Panic disorder most often begins during late adolescence and early adulthood. It is two times more common in women than men. Although the exact cause of panic disorder is not fully understood, studies have shown that a combination of factors, including biology and environmental stresses, might be involved. These factors include the following:.

People with panic disorder have repeated panic attacks.

A panic attack is a period of intense fear that occurs in response to ordinary situations. During a panic attack, the fear response is out of proportion for the situation, which often is non-threatening. Panic attacks occur suddenly and without warning, and cannot be stopped. They can occur at any time and generally do not last long, usually reaching their peak of intensity within 10 minutes of onset.

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Beyond the panic attacks themselves, a key symptom of panic disorder is the persistent fear of having future panic attacks. The fear of these attacks can cause the person to avoid places and situations where an attack has occurred or where they believe an attack might occur. Cleveland Clinic is a non-profit academic medical center. Advertising on our site helps support our mission. We do not endorse non-Cleveland Clinic products or services.

Panic Disorder Panic disorder strikes without reason or warning, causing sudden attacks of fear and anxiety coupled with physical symptoms such as a racing heart. Appointments What is panic disorder?